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Fellow Naseleggers, friends of bad taste, doma, Dons, *uccis, Fabrizi and others,


BOOKMARK this page, with your help it will become the unofficial NMX Website with all major photos I made the last years, contact lists (if you want to be registered pls mail me to: and whatever else for remembering the good old times once more.

NEW - have you tried the NMX Blackboard yet? Follow the link on the left side and add your comments to our community.

NEW- a collaborative eMail account is now available for those that are worried to lose contact in these days of change. Get your


now !!! Just contact me and I'll set it up for you. You get full control over a POP3 Mailbox or an autoforeward to an other eMail account. Naseleggers already registered are ex.: holgerh, franka, arturs, petern etc...

A complete list will follow soon.

Well, let's see how far it gets - have fun,


Don "il meraviglioso" Franco